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Home Technology How is a Vertu phone different from other phones in the market?

How is a Vertu phone different from other phones in the market?

One may often wonder, why are Vertu phones so expensive? What are the qualities and facilities present in these phones? Well, this article has the answer to all your queries. The reason why Vertu is expensive is that it is made for those who wish to create a statement with gemstones studded phones. Vertu phones were never created for the middle-class population. These phones have always targeted the people who have the financial ability to purchase such expensive phones. 

Here is a list of some aspects that differentiate Vertu phones from the rest of the phones in the market:

1. Vertu phones are studded with gemstones – How often do you come across mobiles that have precious gemstones studded in them? That’s right. These phones have real, precious gemstones such as sapphires and diamonds studded in them. How can someone say no to such a phone that is bedazzled with jewels? This is one of the most differentiating aspects of a Vertu phone. It’s also one of the reasons why this phone is priced so expensively in the market. You can’t just buy precious stones studded on a phone for a nominal price!

2. Vertu phones are a result of superior craftsmanship – Everything about Vertu is impeccable. These phones have their tools carved out by various skilled artisans from England. Even the nuts and tools used are very precious and highly sought after. These phones exude superior craftsmanship and impeccable quality. Vertu phones are one of a kind, and one can’t simply deny that.

3. These phones have superior leather – The leather used for Vertu mobile phones is extremely soft, durable, and genuine. Unlike other companies, Vertu does not believe in equipping its sellers with faux leather. Everything is authentic, genuine, and pure. These phones’ leather will never disappoint you. It also acts like a very nice cushion to the cell phone, thus ensuring its safety and durability in the long run.

4. Vertu phones are travel-savvy – All the travellers will love this phone. Vertu phones can show you the weather forecast of a place for up to five days. This will ensure that people can understand how the weather is sought out to be. This phone is getting increasingly popular amongst the business class that travels quite a lot regularly.

5. Vertu phones target one single kind of population – The manufacturers of Vertu are not blind. They are aware of the fact that these phones are considered the most expensive phones in the market. However, one should note that the manufacturers of Vertu cell phones never meant to target all the masses. These manufacturers had one particular class to target in society, and that was the opulent class. The people who like to collect stuff that is limited, different, and bedazzled. Believe it or not, a lot of people are fond of such collectables. Everybody can own an apple, but very few people can own a Vertu phone. It’s the sheer quality of this brand that has taken the world by storm. One should never question the credibility and accountability of this brand. The experience that one faces at Vertu Mobile India is going to be timeless and exquisite for everyone.

Vertu Mobile India has the best Vertu phones in the market. These phones come with the most comprehensive and sorted Vertu mobile features. Vertu mobile’s prices are all elucidated on the website. Everything is available there. One can check what suits one pocket by going through the website online. Vertu phones are a classic experience of technology, and one should get to experience the sheer timelessness and quality of these gemstone studded phones.


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