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Best Ways to Build a Scalable Online Ecommerce Marketplace Platform

Every entrepreneur’s dream is to have a successful online ecommerce marketplace platform. But the question is how to build a scalable online ecommerce platform and how to implement it. We should understand not all ecommerce platforms can become successful. You need to concentrate more on the developing aspect and also the marketing strategy you are going to have to promote your brand. In this article we will have a clear picture on the ways in developing an ecommerce marketplace platform.

Build it from scratch

By utilizing the B2B marketplace platform one can easily develop his own multi vendor marketplace platform from scratch with all advanced technologies and framework embedded in it. When you plan to develop a marketplace from scratch, you can have a design that attracts the customers and also can have loading speed faster. One needs to have an in-depth knowledge of UI/UX designing tools along with the technologies and also the frameworks.

Key advantages

  • You can completely invest your own thoughts in developing your own multi-vendor marketplace platform.
  • The source code is all yours.
  • You can be totally software independent.
  • Zero subscription cost and no license issues.
  • You can expect perfect functionality of all the features.
  • The marketplace platform will be completely flexible and easily customizable.

Hire a developer or an organization to develop an online ecommerce marketplace platform

Hiring a team to develop your own marketplace platform is also one of the solutions that you can rely on. Since the developers have deep knowledge about the coding and developing the software, they will take care of your marketplace platform. But before handing over the process to any developer or a developing company you need to have a clear knowledge about what you exactly want and how your ecommerce marketplace platform should look like.

The marketplace platform can come under any of the categories

  • Products and goods selling
  • Providing services alone to the customers
  • Media oriented
  • Crowd funding process
  • Social networking channel

Be clear under which category your business lies. Because you need to give clear business explanation to the developer only then the output will fit your expectation.

Key advantages

  • All you need to have is enough money to develop the software. You can completely trust the developer for developing your own multi-vendor marketplace platform.
  • There is no need for you to have technical knowledge as the software will be developed by the developers. So even a non-technical person can run a marketplace platform.
  • There are no restrictions in having the features. You can have all the features that you wish to have in your marketplace platform.
  • No need to pay any fee as you owns the platform. All you need is to pay the developing cost to the developer or the developing company.
  • You need not check or compare with other ecommerce software.
  • Nowadays most of the developing companies take care of the promotional part. They run the SEO agency and will take off the digital marketing part and you can concentrate on your own business.

Add on to your existing ecommerce marketplace platform

If you own marketplace software already then it is very simple to convert it into an ecommerce marketplace platform. Also, it is quite easier to implement the process. All you need is to find a perfect developer who can understand your existing marketplace software and can customize according to your business requirements.

Key advantages

  • Compared to developing an ecommerce marketplace platform from scratch, using your existing marketplace is a less time-consuming process.
  • All the essential features needed for a multi-vendor marketplace platform will already be available with your existing marketplace software. So not much effort is needed in customization.
  • A minimum technical knowledge is sufficient to develop your existing marketplace platform. There is no need for a third person as a developer to enter into the product.
  • Every open-source ecommerce platform comes with a one-time payment option. There will not be any additional cost required to pay periodically. So this is cost-effective compared to the rest of the ways.

Get the help of SaaS based Ecommerce platform

SaaS platform is a cloud-based system that can be easily accessed on any web browser. It mainly satisfies all business models and it is highly recommended for all start-ups. As SaaS includes hosting and license is given to the user and he can use it through the internet. We may not need to bother about the security, performance, even the maintenance of the platform as everything will be taken care of by the SaaS platform providers. All you need is to pay them a monthly fee according to the usage and the level of service.

Key advantages

  • Every SaaS product comes with a reasonable price and every start-up will be benefited with this method. They can spend a minimum amount for this software and can start their multi-vendor marketplace platform.
  • Since the SaaS product is already installed and configured it takes less time to integrate it to your business.
  • As SaaS is a cloud-based platform, it is highly scalable. Also, all new SaaS offerings can be easily integrated with the existing SaaS product. There is no need to buy separate software for the additional features.
  • Whenever there is any upgrade in the SaaS product then it will be upgraded in your existing SaaS platform. So easy migration happens within SaaS products.
  • We will have the option to test the software before we buy. By utilizing the trial period, we can confirm whether the products suit well for our business or not.


Hope now you are clear with the various ways to build your online ecommerce marketplace platform. By going through the benefits of all the ways, you would have come to the conclusion on selecting a way for building your own marketplace platform. We would suggest you to go for Zielcommerce as it is a reliable marketplace software that can undoubtedly fulfill all your business needs and has all the essential features that every customer expects while entering a multi vendor marketplace platform.

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