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Types of Marquees You Can Choose for Your Wedding

Marquee weddings are getting popular and if you have decided to go for this unique style of wedding, you really have a lot of options. From retractable tents to large canopies, from yurts to Bedouin tents, the options are endless. 

Whether you want to build a tent with a large area of ​​small tents, or large tents of various shapes and sizes, you can use a wedding marquee to your preference. A marquee is like a blank canvas. This provides a lot of flexibility for guest lists, placement, and layout. The most basic flooring is the standard coconut mat, but there is always room to add personal style. Whether you choose carpet, fancy tile, or disco, it’s your choice!

Here is a comprehensive list of types of wedding marquee you can use on your special day.  


Kata tents are more popular than you think. These fully weather resistant Nordic traditional tipis are durable. If you are planning a festive wedding or want to make a comfortable winter celebration without bringing it inside, this is a good option. Most companies can adapt to the size and shape of the space by using a modular structure, placing a few tents together. This is a good option for large and small parties. Whether you want to create a large dance floor in the center or place cocktails in a quiet corner, you can use the flexible space. 


Although we usually say yurts as a general term, there are different variants of it, from Mongolia to Morocco. Yurts are generally without poles, or tend to have less poles than a Kata, which makes it easier to plan your space, and is wider and flatter in nature. The fabric covers the ceiling, which means that your interior should also light up naturally. Whether it’s a lavish Arabic-style wedding or a rustic affair, these products are your ideal choice. 


If you are just looking for a room to be built in a field, then marquees are what you want. The classic, sturdy and universal marquee can range from string lights to chandeliers, everything can be as free as a striped back cover, or you can choose according to your own preferences. There won’t be too many posts in the center of the space, and the roll-up walls or sheer fabric means you can choose to avoid the outdoor elements or bring the outdoors in during the day. 

Capri Marquees

For anyone picky who doesn’t like yurts or tents, Capri tents are one way to use them as beverage tents at fancy parties and events. The open sides and curved vents are an ideal haven from hot weather, while letting the breeze circulate. With a comfortable and cozy appearance, rather than being completely enclosed on the outside, this is a great option for a fancy wedding at a garden party that lasts late into the night.


The unique and intimate structure in the form of a Tipi is a space that guests will never forget. Although they come in various sizes, individual tents are usually better suited for smaller gatherings, or the structure of a recreation area or canopy for outdoor carnivals.

Sperry Tents

Many couples like these tents. They look beautiful and attractive from a distance, but they still let the outside in. Like a large marquee, sides can be added as needed, and the space is completely multipurpose. 

The uniqueness of the Sperry tent is a high roof (somewhat like a circus tent) with poles resting on it, which from the outside is more interesting than ordinary tents. Authentic Sperry tents are traditionally handcrafted from canvas, so contact your personal rental company to check if their tents are waterproof. 

Circus Tents 

These have high ceilings and circus tents overlap with Sperry tents depending on where you get them from. But of course, they have iconic stripes and can be a premade theme for your wedding. In fact, there are many ropes and poles in a circus tent, and you should consider these ropes and poles when planning your space, whether they are to be colorful like blue or red, its interior can also be darker than pure white tents. However, the circus tent has custom packaging and great selections, which is an interesting and flexible option for your wedding. 


Canopies are suitable for walled spaces (such as walled gardens or patios). When a tent is not suitable, it can be used as a backup for bad weather. However, they can also be used as breezy decorations to create an outdoor room feel. The ceiling light looks very beautiful. However, if you are going to weatherproof your wedding, make sure that the canopy is made of a waterproof fabric. 

A marquee wedding is gaining popularity and as described above, the most popular types of wedding marquees will always offer you a unique way of celebrating your special day with friends and loved ones. 


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