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The best 8 racing games to play for all ages!

In case you’re perusing this article, you’re likely to get the requirement for speed. Luckily, we do, as well. The pit team cherishes a decent hustling game, so we have a few suggested titles that you should attempt. Our preferences lean profoundly into the arcade and kart side of things. We’re extending the field with impending surveys that investigate in-your-face hustling reenactments, like Assetto Corsa Competizione, Automobilista, Dirt, and Project Cars. Search for those soo, check the rundown beneath with probably the best vehicle games and dashing games to play!c


Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment/ Developer: Evolution Studios

Release Date: 7th Oct 2014 (USA)/ 10th Oct 2014 (UK/EU).The tale of DriveClub is fascinating. It took some time, yet it eventually grew from a messed-up launch title into a cracking auto racing game packed with content. The presentation continues to be excellent years later, and the “made” handling is a superb equilibrium that gives sufficient of a challenge however doesn’t estrange more informal petrolheads. Include the Bike’s development, the dazzling social attributes, Virtual Reality support, and among the most charitable period passes offered, and you’ve obtained one stonking racer. However, it’s currently been delisted from the PS Store, and its online web servers have been shut down too soon. A depressing end to a rollercoaster story– yet an excellent game nonetheless been one of the best free car games.


Author: Codemasters/ Developer: Codemasters Evo.

Release Date: 5th June 2018 (USA)/ 5th Jun 2018 (UK/EU).

From individuals who brought us MotorStorm and DriveClub, this energetic, colorful arcade racer ditches complete lines for team-based suits that concentrate on goals. Its vehicle courses all brag one-of-a-kind capabilities that’ll aid your team or impede the opposition, and they all enhance each other as you contend for triumph in any of the four modes. It’s a unique, bold, and action-packed game that’s a breath of fresh air on a system as deprived for arcade racers as PS4.

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Onrush (PS4)

Publisher: THQ Nordic/ Developer: Bugbear Entertainment.

Release Date: 27th Aug 2019 (USA)/ 27th Aug 2019 (UK/EU).

Problem Entertainment is back with a bombastic brand-new racing game that’s everything about destruction. Wreckfest brings your desires of a new Destruction Derby game to life in a fantastic design with a sensible, physics-based damages modeling system. It does have some technical problems. However, with an incredible variety in its gameplay and a unique brand name of madcap action, this is well worth considering a spin.


Publisher: Electronic Arts/ Developer: Ghost Games.

Launch Date: 8th Nov 2019 (USA)/ 8th Nov 2019 (UK/EU).

Need for Speed Heat brings the series back on the right track after several distressed getaways on PS4. By day, you’ll be participating in sanctioned races throughout Palm City. By evening, you rely on prohibited road racing to develop your Rep, but this will attract the attention of the brutal law enforcement agency. Stabilizing these two sides of the game is its main strength. However, it’s an enjoyable open globe arcade racer with great customization and great deals of cars to select from. It’s not excellent, but this is still the best Need for Speed in a great while, being one of the best racing games.


Author: Codemasters/ Developer: Codemasters.

Release Date: 11th Oct 2019 (USA)/ 11th Oct 2019 (UK/EU).

This PS4 reboot sees the return of a collection with a bumpy history. Fortunately, GRID on PS4 is an unfailing racing game that recaptures a little of the franchise’s magic. The handling is excellent, finding a perfect balance between arcade and simulation, and also the occupation mode is robust, with lots of variety in its occasion kinds. Repetition may embed in when you begin to see the same tracks over and again, and the game does not have a particular stimulus, but the core racing action makes this well worth your time.


Publisher: SEGA/ Developer: Sumo Digital.

Launch Date: 21st May 2019 (USA)/ 21st May 2019 (UK/EU).

The PS4 hasn’t had numerous good arcade racers throughout its life expectancy, so the arrival of Team Sonic Racing is a pleasurable surprise. Like Onrush, this kart racer emphasizes teamwork, yet it keeps the collaboration secured to regular races. The collaborative elements are relatively successful, and even if you don’t see such a concept, you can play the game as a conventional kart racer. It’s not the most fleshed-out auto racing game on PS4, but the on-track action is indisputably a great deal of enjoyment.

Professional Racing

Author: Curve Digital/ Developer: Lucky Mountain Games.

Release Date: 10th Sep 2020 (USA)/ 10th Sep 2020 (UK/EU).

There are a couple of decent arcade racers on PS4, yet Hotshot Racing is absolutely among the finest. Harkening back to the SEGA blue skies and blocky beauty of Virtua Racing and Daytona USA, the game is a high-speed, power sliding dream. The handling gets on point. It runs flawlessly and has some lovely track styles. Including a handful of championships to overcome and many perspectives to venture in split-screen or online, this is excitement for competing members weary of all the simulators around.

F1 2020

Author: Codemasters/ Developer: Codemasters.

Launch Date: 10th Jul 2020 (USA)/ 10th Jul 2020 (UK/EU).

F1 2020 proceeds the upward pattern of Codemasters’ exceptional simulation series. This most current and most enormous entrance in the annual franchise sees the addition of My Team, allowing you to develop your race group from scratch, in addition to all the settings we’ve pertained to anticipate. Minor renovations throughout the game make this the very best Formula One title yet on PS4. If you’re after this specific brand of car action, F1 2020 is the game of option.


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