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11 Gift Ideas That Will Surprise Your Grandparents

Those who act as an umbrella, sheltering naive teens, nurturing 

them with knowledge and wisdom of decades and patting them to sleep on stormy nights, caring grandparents need some sweet gesture to remind them how important they are to the family. Take time to convey your gratitude and love to your grandparents with gestures of love and meaningful gifts. They are hungry for your time which the busy schedule snatches away mercilessly. Don’t let your work life interfere with your personal space. Keep your guardians happy with presents, cards and more. It is high time you slouch in front of your granny or grandpa to have a heart to heart fun discourse while handing out tokens of innocent love. If you are unsure what presents can work for your folks, here is a list of simple and valuable gifts that will surely cheer them up. 

Radio Style Phone Amplifier

With passing years the capacity to hear gets compromised a little. Though hearing aids come to the rescue, specific trendy gadgets can make life easier, like phone amplifiers. Gift an efficient phone amplifier designed as a portable radio to enhance your grandparent’s experience with melodic songs. 

Best Grandparents themed Soft Cushion.

A pair of fluffy cushions scribbled with adorable doodles or a sweet message of ‘Best grandfather/grandmother ever’ is an excellent choice for a gift. These cushions will comfort them and pass as decorative articles simultaneously. 

Five Senses Gift Hamper

This innovative hamper includes 5 small gifts exclusively appealing to each of the 5 senses. For instance, silk eye masks, wooden photo frames, healthy oatmeal cookies /jams, square-shaped box table lamps, aromatic candle sets – make a complete five-sense hamper. However, you can assemble an identifier combination depending on your folk’s preferences. 

Cute Grandparents Indoor Garden Miniature

If your grandparents’ favourite hobby is gardening and they are intensely into making their indoor garden a fairyland, give them cute grandparents a couple of miniatures to decorate the area a little more. This miniature can be personalised by giving them a look of somewhat custom made caricature. 

Personalised Wooden Table 

A sturdy wooden study with enough compartments and defined space for storing everyday essentials like phone, carving cable, journals can be a lovely gift to surprise the duo. You can even get initials engraved on the hardwood to give it a personal touch. 

Platinum Jewellery

Timeless jewellery can be the ultimate gift to tell how important the place the receiver holds in your heart is. Platinum pendants, personalised bracelets and other lightweight jewellery will make it easier for them to carry it around with any attire without it being over the top. 

Garden Fresh Bouquets 

Flowers bring peace to every soul. Give a giant bouquet of fresh flowers along with a special gratitude note to your grandparents, asking them to be your guiding angel forever. 

Adorable Pill Organisers

Help your grandparents bid goodbye to the stress of arranging pills according to the time of intake. Easy pill organisers attached to water bottles will make their task easier and keep their vitals on track. 

Custom Made Cakes 

Make a statement with personalised cakes from renowned online cake stores and bakeries. You can order healthy flavours and go eggless or sugar-free if you must if there are restrictions on the amount of sugar consumption by their physicians. 

Personalised Hot Water Bag 

Hot water bags are essential, but what if you are told they come in fun designs and can be customised? Yes, the underrated life saving and stress reliever bag could have prints, fun colours and personalised quotes to make the receiver feel special. 

Eye Case Holder

Delicate things need unique holders to present their fragility. Gift your grandparents a unique eye case holder that can hold multiple specs simultaneously and works as a visual treat with a unique design. 


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