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Why is sisal stair runner the best choice for your home Decor?

In an unnatural flooring, people absolutely admire the look of sisal runners. They have the natural and earthy texture, which gives a sense of relaxation every time you step on them. A sisal stair runner is the personal favourite for all kinds of people, no matter if you are a homeowner, commercial business or designer. It is because the runner gives the benefits of durability, beauty, customization and timelessness altogether. 

Also, it will be wise to install these on your stairs as when a guest enters, what is the first thing they see? It is not the bedroom, bathroom or kitchen. It is the stairs. So you need to confirm the runner you have installed is making an audacious statement. There are many more reasons why sisal stair runner is the best choice for your home décor. 

Wonderful qualities of sisal runners inspiring people to buy them

If you have bought sisal runners for your stairs, you must be fully aware of the wonderful qualities it brings. However, if you are thinking of buying the runner for the first time, let me inform you about all those qualities. They are:

  • Comfortable to walk on

Sisal rugs are made from natural ingredients only, which means materials extracted from nature. Thus, it has a texture of depth, nature and sophistication. It gives a timeless and constant feature to commercial and homeowners. In addition, they are very durable and comforting to children. 

  • Extremely pet friendly

If you have a pet that sheds a lot, it is not a problem after installing sisal runners. These are very easy to clean and are tightly woven, so it does not get affected by your pet’s scratches. It is also perfect for chewers as it does not lose its threads and remain wonderful as always. 

  • Easy to clean

These runners are made from the best material to stabilize texture and shape. Moreover, it does not let the stain reach the stair floor. This makes it very easy for you to remove the dirt by just using a brush type vacuum. Also, it helps you to maintain your unnatural flooring for a lifetime. 

  • These are highly durable

As sisal runner are made from the robust agave plant, it is exceptionally durable. In carpets, you cannot judge its life expectancy by noticing how many wears and tears it can suffer. It is the performance it delivers after getting multiple stains and absorbing high moisture from the environment. If its stains come out easily and do not require extra care on high moisture days, we can say it has good durability. You will be very happy to know sisal runners satisfy all the durability test. 

  • You can say sisal runners never shed

All types of rugs sheds but the amount in which sisal runner sheds is very low, almost negligible. So you can say it never sheds. These natural runners are very tough. They can even withstand serious wears and tears, but in order to maintain it, you need to vacuum your rug regularly. This trick will save you from all the shedding. 

A regular vacuum will help in removing any fine dirt particle and prevent the condition of abrasion. It will be even more preferable if you use a strong suction vacuum but turn off the beater bar. This will prevent any type of fuss and increase your runner’s life extensively. 

Natural sisal stair runners have become immensely popular because of the above reasons. People are highly attracted to how they are extremely durable, versatile in nature and completely natural. 

On top of this, it goes with every type of setting modern, traditional, casual and formal. You can use it for homes as well as commercial properties. Moreover, it is also perfect for people who have allergy problems. These runners are extremely sturdy, hard and long-lasting, making them a perfect choice for traffic areas, i.e. hallways or stairways. 


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