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6 Top Plastic Door Hanger Design Tips

Door hangers are the advertisements that people leave at doorstep, and you will find these signs when you return home. One of the reasons these tools are so effective is that people have to touch and have a look at the door hanger even to throw it away. Either way, customers will see your ad. 

Plastic door hangers are also very cheap, especially if you have volunteers to help distribute them. However, many companies miss out on this effective way of marketing by making some basic design mistakes. To get the most out of your door hanger, follow the tips we have discussed below and make these design elements the backbone of your door hanger design. 

1. The Hierarchy of Text

Door hangers are not very large, so this means that you will not have a lot of room for text. To get the most out of your copy, you need to have a clear text hierarchy. Bold headlines are usually a great way to get attention, followed by medium-sized copy with more detailed information and finally information about your offer, product or service, and how they use what you tell them. 

The size of information, such as phone numbers, should also be relatively large. Also, make sure that the font sizes at the hierarchy levels are different enough so that users can clearly identify the most important information first. The difference in size will also increase the contrast, allowing people to read door hanger copies quickly and easily. You can also try adding spaces between different blocks of text to make it easier to read. White space is just an open space between two areas, which makes the text and design feel more open. It turns out that blanks can make it easier to read and help viewers hold their attention longer

2. Powerful Image 

Since door hangers are typically small, you need a powerful image to attract attention. Once you attract their attention with interesting visuals, they will be more likely to read the text on the door hanger or immediately guide you to a “call to action.” 

You can use a large number of high-quality photos and include them in your door hanger design. Even if you’re not using photos as people or objects, you should consider using bold background colors or patterns. Just make sure your text is legible in the background; otherwise, you can always add a block of color behind the text to make it appear clear and add contrast. 

3. Call to Action 

Unless you have a clear call to action so you can get a return on your investment, door hangers are pointless. Calls to action vary widely, but the most common are for people to make phone calls, send emails, visit websites, or take advantage of some form of sales or coupons. Therefore, make sure the door hanger is in a clear position, otherwise, people will not know what to do. 

Even if the door hanger means “thank you,” you can still make some kind of quote to make sure the customer returns. 

4. Headings 

Make sure there are clear, easy-to-read headings on the front of the door hanger. Avoid mixing colors in the background or fonts that are difficult to read. Your customers may only glance once at the door hanger, so make sure they can easily read your message. 

Use the front of the door hanger on both sides to attract customers’ attention, and use the back to provide more information. If you use inexpensive printing options, it should be worth the extra expense using both sides of the door hanger. 

5. Color

Eye-catching color ensures that the front of the door hanger is bright and vivid. This will help attract the attention of customers and you will expect them to read the rest of your ad. It is also important to note that you should use the colorful company logo on the front of the door hanger. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to expose your brand to potential customers. 

6. Contact Information 

This sounds simple, but be sure to put your contact information on the front of the door hanger. Even if the customer is not interested in what they want, they can learn about it on your website and phone number, and there will always be a chance of them wanting your product some day in the future. 

These are the design elements or principles that you should always keep in mind when designing plastic door hangers. You have to come up with a great design that appeals to the viewers at the first glance, to make your door hanger campaign a success. And following these easy tips will surely help you do so.


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