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How to fire up your Outdoors without a Chimney | Safety Tips

Artificial Logs. Artificial logs are a great option if you don’t want the hassle of lugging and stacking firewood or you have no wood to burn. Be aware of the limitations. These logs are not intended to be used in wood stoves but in open fireplaces. Check the instructions of any fireplace that you purchased from a manufacturer to see if it recommends artificial logs.

It is essential for you to check out for a proper channel to fly out the smoke in a perfect way. If your space lacks ventilation, you can buy out a chimney from any of the best chimney brands in the country. Elica auto clean chimney is one of the perfect options for every kitchen in India.


You can purchase a variety of firestarters for open fireplaces. These include impregnated pieces of composition material, wax-and wood-shaving blocks and oil-soaked ceramic starters. Although these can be used in place of newspapers and small typeling, you’ll still need small pieces of wood.

Be sure to read the instructions and take extra care if you are using an oil-type starter. You should never use gasoline, charcoal lighter fluid, or any other substance that isn’t specifically made for fireplaces. Wood stove owners: Make sure to read your owner’s guide before you use any chemicals inside or on the stove.


Newspapers can be used to light fires but they cannot replace firewood. You should only use enough to light the fire and then recycle the remainder. Don’t use sections with color prints, especially those that are glossy. These sections contain dangerous chemicals and should not be burned. Use the black-and-white sections.

Set the fire

Place a layer of newspaper crumpled, but not tightly packed. Air must be allowed to circulate, otherwise you will end up with a heap of paper and an unimpressive result. Place the paper underneath the fireplace grate.

Next, add a few handfuls of small, dry kindling. Twigs, very small branches, and small splits are all fine. To allow air circulation, criss-cross them in several layers. Be generous with your kindling. It is the key ingredient to a single-start fire.

Add a few more large splits and finish it off by adding a few small logs. That’s all. You are now ready to light the fire.

Wait! Do not strike that match yet!

Checklist: Don’t Forget

  • Is there a damper?
  • Do you have to prime the flues?

When you feel confident, light it up. After waiting a while, make sure the smaller logs and larger splits are lit. Then add another log to Relax and enjoy with Tools and equipment

  • Hearth Tools
  • Spark screen
  • Poker/tongs
  • Hearth broom
  • Ash bucket and shovel
  • Woodburner’s gloves
  • Wood carrier and rack
  • Fire extinguisher

Fire extinguisher for chimney

Pick up a set of quality tools at your local hearth products store. A good set of tools will make you happy in the long-term. You’ll be frustrated by flimsy tools and handles that fall off or are difficult to screw, as well as the enjoyment and relaxation of the fire.

A spark screen is essential if you have a fireplace. A safety screen should be placed around any wood stove if you have small children.


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