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Top 10 Fitness Equipment to Keep Yourself Healthy and Fit

Are you considering purchasing fitness equipment for your home? Or are you simply curious about the benefits of having your own fitness equipment? 

The Best Cardio Fitness Equipment for Home

Would you like to work on your fitness at home? Which can! Today there are many effective devices that you can purchase for the home to improve the condition. Below we describe the best fitness equipment in an overview.

1. Spinning Fit Bike

We kick off this list with the infamous spinning bike. Anyone who has ever done spinning before probably knows how heavy this branch of sport is.

You often see spinning classes and equipment in gyms, but it can be quite interesting to purchase a spinning bike for home. For example, the bicycle is often not very expensive and a spinning bicycle takes up little space. 

Another plus of a spinning bike is that there are several virtual spinning classes that you can participate in. This allows you to exercise a bit with other people!

Benefits Spinning bike

  • Spinning is very intensive, so you burn a lot of calories.
  • Spinning is not taxing on your muscles or joints.
  • There are a lot of virtual spinning programs available where you can do all kinds of routes together with a virtual instructor.

2. Crosstrainer

The cross trainer is very popular in many gyms. Not surprising, by the way, this fitness device is perfect for losing fat or improving your condition.

A nice advantage of the cross trainer at home is that it is a device where you train the whole body. This way you make movements with your legs and arms, but your core (abdomen and lower back), back, chest and shoulders are also addressed.

If you are considering buying an elliptical cross trainer, it is important that you take into account the space that the device takes up. An elliptical cross trainer is quite large, so you must have enough space.

Benefits Crosstrainer

  • You train your whole body
  • Movement on an elliptical trainer is not taxing on your muscles or joints.
  • You burn a lot of calories on an elliptical trainer
  • Most crosstrainers have a screen that allows you to watch movies and series while exercising.

3. Rowing machine

The rowing machine is a piece of equipment that you may see a little less often than the other equipment on this list. Nevertheless, in our view, the rowing machine should definitely not be missing from this article. You can also buy it at a discount using amazon coupons.

We love rowing machines ourselves, simply because the device has several advantages. When we talk about a rowing machine, we mean a device that mimics rowing movements on the water.

You mainly use your back muscles, legs and arms. This ensures that you address your entire body with a rowing machine.

Another advantage of the rowing machine is that it takes up little space. Rowing machines are often easy to store, making them ideal for smaller households.

Benefits Rowing machine

  • You train your whole body
  • Little chance of injuries
  • You burn a lot of calories on a rowing machine
  • Takes up little space

4. Treadmill

In the list of the best fitness equipment for home, the old trust treadmill should not be missing from this list. A treadmill is also an ideal fitness device for at home.

For example, are you a real running enthusiast? Then a treadmill may be the perfect match for you. A treadmill is very versatile and can be used to improve the condition and to push the fat percentage down.

Treadmills are also often used in rehabilitation processes. The biggest advantage of a treadmill compared to running outside is that you are not tied to the weather. Whether it’s raining or dry, with a treadmill you can always train indoors.

Benefits Treadmill

  • Less taxing than walking outside
  • Not dependent on weather conditions
  • Running without distractions such as cars, traffic lights and zebra crossings
  • Tread is always the same

5. Airbike

Looking for the best fitness equipment for fat burning? The airbike is especially popular among crossfitters and is also called a fitness bike. This is an impressive piece of fitness equipment powered by an air resistance system.

This system ensures that your training becomes heavier as you train more intensively. We would especially recommend an airbike to people who would like to do HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), because the airbike is extremely suitable for this. Also with this device you train the whole body, you can lose weight and improve your condition.

Benefits Airbike

  • Ideal for HIIT training
  • Train your whole body
  • Improve your fitness and strength

6. Hometrainer

The exercise bike is probably one of the best-known fitness devices for home use. The word exercise bike might suggest otherwise, but an exercise bike is actually nothing more than a fitness bike. You can easily train multiple muscle groups and improve your endurance. Don’t miss to get it in a deal on Retailmecode.

Benefits Exercise bike

  • Movement is not taxing
  • Easy to combine with watching a movie or TV
  • Ideal for improving your stamina and fitness

7. Holder bench

We’re kicking off this list with a piece of equipment you’re probably familiar with: the weight bench! A weight bench is the best fitness equipment for doing various strength exercises, including the bench press.

The big advantage of a weight bench is that it is a versatile device that you can use in many directions. For example, you can do multiple exercises on most weight benches, so that you can actually train your entire body.

Weight benches come in different shapes and sizes, we would always choose a bench that is versatile. This means that you should be able to do several exercises on it.

Benefits Weight bench

  • Ideal for training your upper body
  • Improve your strength
  • Versatile device so you can use it in many directions

8. Home gym / Strength station

Looking for the best power station ? The second piece of equipment in this post on best home fitness equipment is the multi-gym/home gym. A home gym is also called a fitness power station, multi-station or power station.

If you prefer to train at home than in the gym, a home gym is ideal. With a home gym you get a small gym at home. Home gyms come in many shapes and sizes, such as simple power stations but also extensive gym stations. The possibilities are endless, as are the benefits!

Benefits Power station / home gym

  • Train your whole body
  • An entire gym in a few square meters
  • Versatile device so you can use it in many directions

9. Dumbells

Of course, dumbbells should not be missing from this list. If you take sports at home seriously, dumbbells should not be missing in your training room.

With dumbbells you can do a lot of different types of exercises and target specific muscle groups. When choosing dumbbells for your home, we would always recommend that you consider the space you have. Dumbells take up a lot of space, so always choose adjustable dumbells.

Benefits Dumbells

  • Train your whole body
  • Many different exercises possible

10. Power Rack

We close this list with a Power Rack. This device offers many different possibilities to do a lot of exercises. Think of pull ups, squats, deadlifts, overhead presses and barbell rows. When buying a power rack, it is important that you also purchase your own dumbbell. This is not included as standard.

Benefits Power Rack

  • Train your whole body
  • Many different exercises possible
  • Fitness apparatus all in 1

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