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7 Facts I Wish I Had Known Before Getting Botox

Botox is an example of fillers that help people in getting young. The sole aim of this is to resolve the problems that cause deterioration of the facial looks. This is one of cosmetic surgeries that are preferred to most of the other treatment options. It is important to know about the features that allow you to decide the final confirmation regarding the treatment. Read the facts that one must know before getting this treatment. 

Botox removes the wrinkles but only partially

Yes, people believe that botox can help in the complete elimination of the signs of ageing. One of those signs of ageing is having wrinkles all over the face. However, the truth is that with the help of botox, only one can get rid of the wrinkles partially. The mechanism of the botox method is based on pressing the signs of ageing and not killing them. That is why, the effects of such methods are not long-lasting.

The effects of botox are short-lived 

You think that you can stay forever young, just because you have been through a dose of botox. No, you are not right. The effects of botox are not as long-lasting as they appear. Most of the common people have assumptions like the effects of botox keep a person young forever. This is a complete myth and no treatment can counter the effects of ageing.

However, with the help of botox, one can be young and free from the signs of ageing, for a tenure longer than the tenure served in case of other treatments. So, this is a myth busted. 

This treatment is painful

Like every surgical method, botox is also painful. Be it during the surgery or after the surgical procedure’s completion, this surgical procedure includes a lot of pain. However, the doctors or surgeons do suggest some medication to get rid of this pain, after the completion of the surgery. There are cartin pain killers that help in cointerting the pain.

The muscles that cause pain in the face are subjected to a lot of pressure and the body takes its own time to balance them. 

You have to deal with some unavoidable effects 

There are some side effects of botox that you can find difficult to deal with. These can cause pain and inflammation in the skin. The fact is that you would have to deal with them, although you would be having your doctor’s suggestions for your assistance, 

Getting a botox is fine for everyone 

We have always heard that celebs have the most surgeries. Botox is one of the surgeries that continues to remain in gossip as well as the cover face of fancy magazines. You can however, get in touch with your friends and acquaintances who have ever undergone any surgeries like this one. You can also take this surgery and get  younger, just like anybody. 

There is nothing like only celebs getting such surgeries. The only thing is that they need it to be mandatory to survive in the industry. Otherwise, one has to think a lot before getting any such complex treatment. 

It is not about moral failing 

See, it is up to one if he or she is really interested in getting this surgery or not. However, there’s nothing wrong in getting any such surgery, provided there is no additional risk in getting any surgery.  So, if you think you are fine and your skin is compatible with the effects of botox, then you can definitely go for this surgery. 

However, consulation and disvussion with an expert is verynecerssay to dts all the details and complications involved. Also, conducting research is very important in the whole race. 

You might feel relaxed after freezing 

As already described in this write-up, the effects of this treatment is due to the freezing effects.It reduces ageing by freeing the signs that cause ageing and a kind of dullness in the skin. However, for the sake of convenience, one who has undergone this surgery  may enjoy all the frozen features.  

Probably, this is the reason that the effects of this treatment are not long lasting. Since, it is not possible to suppress or freeze the natural effects for long, they regain their working after the effect of these drugs ends. 


Botox might not be a suitable option for all due to restriction coming from a number of factors. The only thing that can save you from the danger is mindful consultations. However, with the advice of a reputed and trained surgeon, it is possible to get a botox surgery done with minimum side effects.For the best results and the best botox in Dubai, you can get in contact with experts and get assistance regarding any sort of treatment required. 


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