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The 7 Best HIV Support Groups of 2021

Discover the local area to suit your requirements 

HIV is not, at this point, the dangerous illness it used to be, however individuals living with it actually benefit from solid social and passionate help. As an infection described by significant degrees of vilification, discovering individuals you can trust in securely won’t just assistance standardize HIV in your life, yet will assist you with conquering ordinary difficulties including treatment, counteraction, connections, and your overall prosperity. 

At the point when computerized associations have become the accepted practice, online care groups offer perhaps the most ideal approaches to meet others living with HIV in a protected, open climate.

POZ Community Forum

POZ Community Forum is one of the biggest and longest-running conversation sheets for individuals living with HIV in the United States. 

This nonstop local area discussion was established by the distributors of POZ magazine in 2005. As a result of the distribution’s elevated status and constant presence in the HIV people group, POZ Community Forum keeps on pulling in a huge number of individuals searching for experiences and guidance about HIV testing, treatment, care, and avoidance. 

While there are no fancy odds and ends to the POZ Community Forum, the sheets are plainly spread out and checked every minute of every day, so that manhandles regularly in different discussions (like publicizing and quack medication) are kept away from. The administrators emphatically urge clients to give the full reference of any clinical cases made, preferably with the site address so individuals are not driven off track. 

The POZ Community Forum permits enrolled clients to post three free messages each day. In the event that you want more cooperation, you can buy a seven-day membership for around $10, a 30-day membership for about $15, or a 90-day membership for roughly $25 by PayPal. 

At the point when enlisted, you can pick to get or send private messages. In case you’re keen on gathering and dating others with HIV, POZ offers a different dating site.

The Well Project

As indicated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, ladies represent 19% of all new HIV contaminations in the U.S., while ladies of shading address around 78% of new contaminations among all ladies. 

The Well Project, established in 2002, is a philanthropic association committed to the necessities of ladies and young ladies living with HIV. Some portion of its central goal to build well being education and distributed help is the Well Project, which offers local area sheets, gatherings, and different highlights to enlisted individuals for nothing. Clients can select to either make a profile page (with a photograph and individual subtleties) or stay unknown.

As well as posting remarks on sheets and online journals, individuals can join public gatherings, demand admittance to private ones, or start an open or shut local area of their own. There is likewise a gathering and a one-on-one visit highlight. 

Moreover, the Well Project keeps two famous web journals: the English-language A Girl Like Me and the Spanish-language Una Chica Como Yo.

Flourish SS

African American men who are gay or sexually unbiased are at the most serious danger of contracting HIV of any gathering in the U.S.2 The converging weaknesses that influence these men including homophobia, disgrace, destitution, and inconsistent admittance to medical care remain insufficiently tended to by numerous nearby and state wellbeing authorities. 

This is the reason associations like not-for-profit THRIVE SS, established by three African American men in 2015, stay indispensable to this undeserved populace. Since its establishment, THRIVE SS has developed from 45 men in Atlanta, Georgia, to more than 3,500 in neighbourhood sections all through the U.S. 

While the not-for-profit’s projects are primarily centered around live care groups including BYOB informal breakfasts and potlucks coordinated by neighborhood parts there are additional online friend support occasions and live streamed online courses for those incapable to go to face to face occasions. 

Key to the THRIVE SS support model is something it calls “Judy Support,” a term used to depict social self-acknowledgement and the dismissal of homophobia and bigotry. 

Flourish SS is free, however it requests that individuals give on the off chance that they can stand to do as such.

Poz Place

There are various HIV people group on Facebook, large numbers of which are subverted not by their main goal but rather by the absence of local area contribution or assistance. That is the reason many flame out a year or so later. 

One Facebook people group that has had the option to support energy for over seven years is Poz Place. Established in 2012 by Brittany Cameron, a HIV-positive mother and friend commitment trained professional, Poz Place offers a free, place of refuge for anybody needing HIV support paying little heed to their sexual direction, sex, or HIV status. If you have HIV,  then you can click on oncohiv.com for the title.

As a private Facebook bunch, Poz Place requires enrolment and a consent to stick to local area rules. This guarantees classification as well as gives clients an open, legit, and non-critical climate. 

With more than 5,800 enrolled individuals, Poz Place is among the biggest private care groups on Facebook. As a part, you can hope to see somewhere in the range of five to 10 posts each day and a fast answer to any inquiries you may have about HIV.

TherapyTribe HIV/AIDS Tribe

TherapyTribe is a free online health local area that offers individuals with explicit help needing a spot to interface securely and secretly. Among the eight significant gatherings recorded on the site is a HIV/AIDS Tribe for individuals looking for shared help from others living with the sickness. 

While the essential objective of TherapyTribe is to associate clients to authorized specialists and guides, there is an individual’s just discussion that permits clients to present remarks or answer questions and additional worries from others locally. 

Where TherapyTribe succeeds is in its capacity to address the feelings of its individuals. While it may not be the primary spot for you to turn for specialist references or to get some information about the most recent examination or medicines, the HIV/AIDS entrance has in excess of 11,000 enrolled clients who offer expressions of help or consolation at whatever point times get harsh. Also, that is no little thing. 

You can likewise send and get messages from your cell phone, make circles among enlisted clients, and even begin a blog to impart to your informal organization. In the event that there is any disadvantage to TherapyTribe, it would be the absence of a facilitator and conversation sheets.

Positive Peers

In the U.S., about one of every five new HIV diseases happens in individuals younger than 25, of whom just 30% can support an imperceptible viral burden while on restorative drugs. 

Tending to the hindrances to treatment and care in youngsters with HIV is not the same as those in more established grown-ups. Not exclusively do mentalities and prevalent difficulties contrast, however so do the manners by which more youthful individuals impart. 

Among the more up to date stages ready to arrive at this more youthful populace is Positive Peers, a private help application planned explicitly for adolescents and youthful grown-ups living with HIV. 

Positive Peers is an every minute of every day emotionally supportive network that conveys the entirety of the highlights sharp versatile clients request: local area discussions, private talks, bunch visits, wellbeing and health websites from other youngsters with HIV, medicine top off updates, an arrangement schedule with mechanized updates, just as blood test outlines to record, track, and offer your outcomes. There additionally are contemplation recordings to help decrease pressure and an emergency hotline for those needing one-on-one help. 

Positive Peers is free, however it’s just accessible for individuals between the ages of 13 and 34. To get the application, you should initially give a filtered duplicate of substantial ID (like a driver’s permit, visa, or birth authentication) and affirmation of your determination, (for example, a HIV test, a duplicate of your viral burden and CD4 check, or a marked delivery from your PCP).


Another free application that works correspondingly to Positive Peers yet is accessible to anybody more than 18 is myHIVteam, one of more than 35 versatile applications made by the San Francisco-based MyHealthTeam. 

Intended to improve the client experience, the myHIVteam application gets some information about their analysis (counting current manifestations and the date of the underlying conclusion) alongside a rundown of drugs and results. 

This permits clients to associate with others ingesting similar medications or encountering similar wellbeing concerns. You can likewise channel individuals by lab results, indications, or results (like queasiness, lipodystrophy, or neuropathy). 

Likewise, the myHIVteam application permits you to assemble groups, post updates about yourself, and send and get private or gathering messages. Since individuals on MyHIVTeam will in general be more open about the status, the reaction is frequently more supportive, itemized, and agreeable than you may discover on a local area board.


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