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5 Ways to Take Care of Your Designer or Branded Clothes

Do you love to shop for designer clothes? Or do you run a resale store for designer clothing? Whatever it is you need to do a lot more than just dry cleaning your clothes.

After all, even the most expensive brands can fall apart if they aren’t taken care of properly. So, if you have just received your designer clothing consignment then you must keep a few things in your mind.

Taking care of your designer clothing will not only make them dazzle for the next event that you’re gonna wear. But they will also have a longer lifespan than they already have.

For those who are running a resale store for designer clothes, taking care of the clothing items properly will ensure their sale faster. You will have a better scope of making a profit from the clothing items sold.

Whether you have one designer clothes or an entire closet full of them, make sure to give proper attention to each clothing item that you have. Below we have listed a few effective ways to take care of your designer or branded clothes.

1.    Hand Wash is ideal for some fabrics

Washing your clothes to get rid of any stain, dirt and all the grime is how we take care of our clothes. Even for many designer clothes, dry cleaning is not an option.

Good ol’ washing is the way to go. But you cannot dump your designer clothes in the washing machine. Even when you choose gentle washing mode, the automated cycle can ruin the fabric or pattern of your designer clothes.

You need to learn your way of hand washing the clothes in order to get them cleaned. For fabrics such as satin, organza and other delicate wear, hand wash is the ideal way to clean your designer clothes.

2.   Read the care instruction inside the clothing label

Every branded cloth has a series of care instructions in the inside label which many of us don’t bother to check. But the truth is following the care instruction printed on the inside label of the designer clothes could extend their life.

You can maintain the high quality of designer clothes with these instructions. Since the manufacturers of most branded clothes put the instructions with the intention that the buyers can take care of the clothes in a proper way.

Following the label instructions will also ensure the newness of your clothes for a longer time. So, the next time you buy designer clothes make sure to read the label and follow the printed instructions on it.

3.   Treat the stains ASAP

You cannot risk your designer clothes to be stained and lose their appeal. But no matter how careful you are, it is inevitable to save your clothes from getting stained all the time.

However, one pro tip that you can follow to treat the stains so that it doesn’t leave behind a nasty mark on your clothes is to take care of them as soon as possible. So, whenever you put on designer clothes make sure to carry a stain-removing pen.

They are super easy to carry and are perfect for treating the accidental stains. That’s what most celebs do when they wear big designer label clothing. After all, even the celebs are not all that perfect and can stain their clothes.

4.   Go for steam ironing

Wonder how you can get perfectly ironed clothes without leaving behind any ironing creases? Well, opt to go for steam ironing your designer clothes instead of using a regular ironing method.

This is extremely important if your designer clothes are made out of delicate fabrics such as satin, silk, silk chiffon, etc. Ironing such clothes with regular iron can create lines and creases that look unflattering.

But steam ironing can solve that problem as it smoothes out the clothes without leaving any creases or lines. Steam irons are easily available in portable sizes so that you can carry them even when you are travelling.

5.   Choose the right storage option

Of course, you are gonna wear your designer clothes for a special occasion. But until then how you keep your designer clothing items is very important.

If you have space in your room then try to invest in making a walk-in closet, well, at least for your designer clothes. Otherwise, you need to choose the right storage covers and bags to keep the clothing items.

For clothes with heavy embroideries or embellishments make sure to choose fabric or plastic covers. Whereas for metallic fabrics which are quite a trend these days, you must choose soft butter paper to wrap the clothing item and then store it securely.No matter what designer clothing consignment you receive, you must choose the right storage option to keep them.


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