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Home Fashion Dress up better this Winter by following Four Rules of Layering.

Dress up better this Winter by following Four Rules of Layering.

How do you wear layers?

What are the best ways to wear layers in the winter months? Do you have any “rules” to be followed when layering? If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions or want to get some ideas for outfit ideas, then you’re in the right spot. The following guide can help you learn layer with style and comfort as the weather becomes cooler.

Why should you wear layers?

Like making sure that your clothes are properly fitted, Layering your clothes is among the secret tools that every fashionable man has in their arsenal. In simple terms, layers are a great way to look cool. They provide texture, depth as well as variety, and attraction to otherwise boring outfits. We’d even go so in saying that layering is among the easiest methods to boost your fashion (right after you’ve worn clothes that fit properly).

However, there’s a drawback when layering, and it’s that it’s confusing. Many guys incorrectly wear layer. But be assured, this section will provide you with all the details that you need to know to become an elegant layering Ninja.

4-Layering “Rules” For Guys

As with everything on the fashion scene, there are certain guidelines to be followed in the case of wearing several layers. These are referred to as “rules”; however, you could consider them the best methods (since they can be violated).

Rules of layering for men

You don’t need to follow these rules constantly. However, it’s essential to be aware of them when creating a multi-layered style.

Rule #1:- Thin Inside, Thick Outside

In general, you’ll want to wear thinner or lighter clothes close to the body and thicker/heavier fabrics further out. For instance, you could wear a cotton classic shirt over a merino wool sweater it will give you a minimal yet classic look, then add a thick wool-cashmere coat to, well finish off your outfit.

Here’s a different example:-

Classic Shirt > Quilted Vest > Jacket

Example of layering: Take Beyours classic shirt is which is very light. The vest is made of more durable, thicker fabric. This jacket can be described as the largest and heaviest piece of clothing in this ensemble and is most far in the back of the body. 

This rule is fairly simple and often happens naturally. For instance, you wouldn’t wear a wool sweater under a cotton dress shirt. Right. Let’s go on and learn rule number 2.

Rule #2:- Maximum 3 Layers Only!

When you’re looking to layer, the number three is the ideal number of clothes. Anything more than three is often considered excessive and can result in an unflattering, overstuffed appearance.In addition, if wearing excessive layers, you will experience heat from inside and feel uncomfortable.

Rule #3: Light Inside, Dark Outside

The majority of layered outfits are made up of a variety of shades. What is the best way to combine various colours to create a trendy layers style? It’s easy to follow this method: Wear lighter hues close to the body while wearing darker colours further away from you (outer layer).

Let’s look at an instance:

White Dress Shirt > Gray Suit > Dark Topcoat.

Remember, these are not strict guidelines and should be not followed. For example, you can certainly put on lighter coloured tops over darker clothing, such as the camel topcoat paired with navy suits. If you are, there is doubt. You cannot make a mistake following this advice if you remember the next rule in your mind.

Rule #4: Each Layer Works

This is the last “rule” for layering layers: be sure that each layer is working properly on its own. On and off the jacket. If so, you likely have a corner of your wardrobe devoted to those tops that you can only wear with sweaters. Perhaps the sleeves are too long, or maybe they’re too wide across the body.

The issue is, what happens if you must take off your sweater? What if you are feeling too hot, or someone spills their drink all over you? It is essential to ensure every layer can be worn as a separate piece. That means it must be well-fitting and match the overall outfit.

If you follow this advice and follow this guideline, you won’t be caught out. 


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