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4 Easy Steps to Getting a Patent

If you are working for yourself and are inventing or have invented something unique and novel, you can opt for getting a patent to save exclusive rights of the thing you create to yourself. However, applying for a patent is a long and sometimes complicated process, but the process can be divided into the following four steps. 

Learn how to get a patent (patent nasıl alınır) as we have discussed below. 

1. Understanding Your Invention 

The first step to obtaining a patent is understanding your invention. What aspect (one or more aspects) of the invention makes it novel and useful? Suppose you have made a custom pair of scissors, which are useful for cutting thin strips of fabric. The scissors have custom designed handles with differently shaped finger loops and a set of pivots, so the scissors feel the least resistance when cutting very fine fabrics. 

Having determined the aspects that make the invention novel and practical, it is necessary to consider the scope. For example, can you use springs instead of pivots? Can you change the shape of the ring or the material it is made of? Find all the possible ways to make your invention work, even if they are not as good as your preferred method of invention. 

Next, see if your invention has a wider range of applications. Is there something special about fine fabrics? Or can you use scissors for any delicate work? It will provide you with more strategic options and you are likely to get more valuable patents. 

2. Investigating Your Patent 

Patent requires an absolute novelty. Part of the reason for giving inventors exclusive rights to use their inventions is to encourage inventors to teach the public how to make the invention effective. You have to search for content that overlaps with your invention or certain components of the invention. For example, you can find technical reports on precision robotic manufacturing. You will notice that the pivot type of the robotic arm is the same as that of the ultrasensitive scissors. 

Even in a different field, this reference is considered state of the art. The patent laws require you to disclose any publication, patent, or other written document related to your patents. Otherwise, your patent qualifications may be canceled.

3. Drafting a Patent Application 

Drafting a patent application is very complicated. A patent application has several parts and each part can be rejected for technical or formal reasons. 

Make a checklist for each part of your application, and then triple-check your work. If you’re not lucky, making mistakes will waste time and money. If this is not the case, you may miss the filing date or the ability to get issued patents. Drafting a patent is a skill that requires accumulated experience and a team to execute it. In all other steps, the inventor can do a lot of work. However, professionals will be of great help when writing the application itself. 

4. Waiting for an Official Reply 

Don’t wait for a reply from the patent manager’s time, which is usually a year or more. When you receive a response, the examiner may think that your invention is not new based on existing technology, that your invention is not something you can apply for a patent, or that you have not fully explained how to invent a work. If this happens, you may need to seek professional advice to help you respond. 

In the meantime, while you wait for an answer, get to work. Unless the invention is purely a hobby, you will spend time and money on intellectual property that you think may have commercial value. For example, if you plan to license the design of your scissors to a leading tool company, start talking to them right away and make sure their patent protects the features they find most valuable. Since your patent is pending and your invention is protected, you can discuss everything necessary to make the desired transaction.

This is how to get a patent (patent nasıl alınır). The procedure is fairly complex and there are every chances of your patent application getting rejected not just due to some faults in your invention, but because of some technical flaws in how you apply. So, make sure you meet all the technical demands and have a unique invention in hand and getting a patent for your one-of-a-kind invention shouldn’t be a problem.   


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